The Israel Team Mission

Israel Team Advocates International was established as a non-profit organization to support Israel and the Jewish people so that this people can fulfill their God-given destiny. We are committed to building a team of influential leaders, engaging students and utilizing media for the purpose of addressing the humanitarian needs within Israel and to counter the global misinformation being fomented against the Jewish people and their homeland. We believe that we have a God-ordained duty to support the Jewish people and their homeland through prayer, friendship, education, and humanitarian assistance.

Reasons Israel Team Exists:


It is our heartfelt desire to give honor where honor is due. We sincerely believe the Jewish people are a treasure to the world and deserve our gratitude and support.
Indeed, through the centuries, the Jewish people have given us many of mankind’s most noted scholars, scientists, inventors, and statesmen. The foundation of Western law is based on the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses and the nation of Israel. Historically, we can trace the rise and fall of nations based on how they have treated the Jewish people.

We believe there is great merit in the biblical passage from Genesis 12:3, where God promised Abraham, Israel’s patriarch, that He would bless those who bless the Jewish people.


God also promised Abraham that he and his descendants would inherit, through an irrevocable covenant, the land of Israel. Today, Jewish people trace their roots to Abraham, who inhabited the Promised Land of Israel with his family over 4,000 years ago.
Dwelling in the land of Israel since the time of Abraham, the Jews are the aboriginal people of the region.

Even though persecuted and driven out of their promised land inheritance, there remained a remnant of Jews in Israel that retained their identity as God's people of the land.

Today, Israel’s capital Jerusalem is one of the oldest capitals in world history, surviving over three thousand years.


Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, applying rights equally to all its citizens.
The Israeli society is an open society of people from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. Israel protects human rights, women’s rights, religious freedom, and safeguards the rights of free speech and assembly.

There are over 1.8 million Arabs who are Israeli citizens and many Arabs hold important positions in the government, legal system, ministry of foreign affairs, and the military.


Israel’s neighbors include Hezbollah to the North, Fatah to the East, and Hamas to the South. In the founding documents of all three neighbors are declarations of their imminent mission to destroy Israel. They vehemently reject Israel’s very basic human right to exist. In addition, Iran has declared its mission to destroy Israel and remove all Jews from the Middle East.
One of the great concerns in the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that over the years, the governing bodies of the Palestinian people have received and misused billions of dollars in aid from foreign governments. Instead of providing for the critical needs of their people by building hospitals, schools, roads, and investing in infrastructure and agriculture in order to end the suffering of their citizens, they have chosen instead to build bombs and terrorist tunnels in order to murder Jewish men, women, and children. In the last several years, over 15,000 rockets and mortar shells have been fired from the Palestinian territories into Israel killing many civilians and wounding over 1,900 people.

The great dilemma for Israel is this: How can they live in peace next door to neighbors whose leaders' main objective is to erase their existence? The hope for peace born in the hearts of both the Palestinian people and the Jewish people could be realized if the governing bodies of the suffering Palestinian people would agree to a peaceful co-existence next to their Jewish neighbors.


Today, anti-Israel sentiment, which is anti-Semitic, is rising around the globe. In some quarters of the world the levels of Jewish hatred are reaching the pre-Holocaust intensity of the 1930’s. In America, there is a growing tide of anti-Semitism and it is especially evident on college campuses, both secular and Christian.
The rising hatred against Jews is being cloaked as “Social Justice”, which promotes justice for a group while rejecting justice for an individual. In the case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, social justice proponents argue that the Palestinian people are being oppressed by Israel and therefore deserve the reward of justice rather than Israel.

This view denies the long and murderous injustice of terror attacks against Israeli Jews that forced Israel to build security walls to prevent suicide bombers from murdering innocent Israeli civilians. This view also overlooks the Palestinian leadership’s severe oppression of its own people—many of whom long for peace, causing them to suffer economically and then using that suffering in a mass propaganda campaign that seeks to turn the world against Israel. A true non-biased justice movement would mandate fairness and equity for both sides.


Under the pretense of social justice, economic warfare is being carried out against Israel by a movement called Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS).
This movement seeks to boycott Israeli products, divest investments in Israeli companies and sanction Israel in the arena of international politics. This effort is designed to cripple the Israeli economy and delegitimize Israel as a nation. Sadly, the BDS movement is choking out Israeli companies as well as the livelihoods of Palestinian employees who work for those same companies. The BDS movement began on April 1st, 1933 when the Nazi’s carried out their first Boycott of Jewish businesses. Under the Nuremburg laws of 1935, Jews were then sanctioned from employment and by the time the holocaust began, ninety percent of Jews living in Germany were unemployed.


Because of the constant anti-Israel propaganda being fomented on college campuses, both secular and Christian, the Millennial Generation (18-34 year olds) is turning against the Jewish people and the Jewish nation of Israel.

Historically, Christian Evangelical support of Israel has been largely unchallenged. However, at the current rate of decline in the support of Israel by Millennial Evangelicals, Evangelicalism will be largely anti-Israel within ten years or less.


Due to the constant acts of terror, security makes up a large portion of Israel’s economy, leaving many of the weak vulnerable and creating a humanitarian challenge.
Because of growing anti-Semitism in Europe, thousands of Jewish people are fleeing to their homeland, Israel. These waves of immigrants have increased the need for housing, general welfare, and medical assistance. In Israel, many of the 160,000 holocaust survivors live in poverty.

This is a critical time in world history. What we do today will have an impact on generations to come.
Israel Team is creating a media narrative and gathering influencers from sports, religion, education, business and the arts, to engage the general public, churches, synagogues and students to help this generation understand the reality about Israel and mobilize justice for the needs of its people. We ask you to join us in the conversation.